We’re a homegrown Singapore events management and activation agency. Big and small, we’ve done them all and after 14 years in the business, we’re still jumping out of bed every morning for more.

Our Story

We found ourselves a part of an event-scape where agencies were churning out concepts and campaigns that look good on paper but forgot one critical factor – the audience.

A lot of time, energy and money were spent on fancy shows with clever slogans that scream for attention then treat audiences as passive spectators. We saw a crowded marketplace with brands jostling for visibility with ever more gimmicks and giveaways.

We didn’t want to be in the business of rehashing same old same-olds. We wanted to be the agency behind experiences that got people talking and catapulted call-to-actions. We wanted to create work that we can truly be proud of.

We like to get straight to the point – what do you have to say and what do you want them to do?

Then we dream up ‘wow’ experiences rooted in consumer, lifestyle and product insights designed with a singular objective in mind- to enthrall your audiences.

Who are we?


In a career that has spanned over 21 years in the industry, Ananda has probably worked on the whole range of productions from musical theatre to mass sporting festivals and everything in between.

From national campaigns to birthday parties, be it in stadiums or boardrooms, he has always been fascinated by the incredible power of events in shaping perceptions, influencing decisions and moving audiences.

Beyond budgets and bright lights, he loves crafting events with an emotional core that have audiences feeling engaged, feeling inspired, feeling empowered… feeling.


It was love at first sight- from his days as a production intern to now helming his own agency, Partheban has never looked back.

He loves the constantly moving parts, the multi-tasking, the fire-fighting and how there is always something to learn, something to improve in each and every event. Whatever the scale and complexity, he’s always hit the ground running even if it’s moving from right underneath him.

11 years on, after working with super brands, superheroes and even Hollywood A-listers, it’s still the smiles that gets him–on satisfied clients and happy audiences.

Why Choose Us?

We’ll rock your audiences

We make them talk, and we make them remember your vision, your story, your brand.

We're in it
to win it

We’ve managed C-suite meetings for only 10 to concerts for over twenty-seven thousand people. We know what makes an amazing event and what does not.

We're value for money

We’ve worked with MNCs with big juicy budgets, to NGOs for practically pro bono and everything in between. We’ve learnt how to deliver more with less.

We're connected

We collaborate with a stellar network of producers, designers, writers, artists and performers who are on top of their game and partner with suppliers, contractors and technical experts who have never let us down.

We're flexible

We’re lean, we’re fast and our core team can gear up or gear down, whatever your brief, whatever your needs.

We're in it for the long run

We’re fun and easy to work with. We like to build long-term relationships rather than once-off hit-and-runs. We’re proud of the quality of our work rather than the quantity of our clients.

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After graduating with Honours from NUS Theatre Studies Programme, Ananda began his professional career backstage as Production Manager for Singapore Repertory Theatre working with award-winning West End and Broadway designers and alongside local theatre luminaries like Ivan Heng and Dick Lee. His fondest memories include productions like Kiss of the Spiderwoman, A Twist of Fate, Art, M Butterfly and Ah Kong’s Birthday Party.

He ventured into the “corporate world” diving into the deep end as Assistant Director of National Events for Singapore Sports Council where he put the finishing touches on such high-profile projects as the General Assembly of International Sports Federations and the IOC Conferment of the Olympic Gold Award to PM Goh Chok Tong.

Ananda went on to found his own events management agency in 2003 where his natural flair for drama helped craft experiences that not only dazzled and impressed, but also moved audiences with compelling narratives that they can powerfully connect to. His proudest work include producing the show for Love Amplified- World Aids Day Concert for Health Promotion Board, helping to create and grow signature yearly events like SMRT Challenge and Capita Commercial Trust Eco Race, joining forces with World Wildlife Fund for Nature for their annual Earth Hour and standing together with Pink Dot Singapore for equality and the right to love.

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