Green Business Philosophy

Green is not just a label to us. We’ve made it our business.

For years, we were the preferred events management partner for Singapore Environment Council helping to organise nation-wide environmental outreach events targeted at schools, corporations and the public. We worked with government environmental agencies, NGOs and socially-responsible companies for the entire spectrum of environmental issues ranging from greening office and homes, green transport, energy efficiency and climate change awareness. In time, our involvement expanded from simple execution and evolved into a more consultative role in conceptualizing and even spearheading eco campaigns and initiatives.

Along the way, we learnt a thing or two about how to not only organise environmental events but also how to produce them in environmentally-sustainable ways. The more we did it, the more we realised that going green is not only not difficult, a lot of it is just sheer common sense. It simply involves choosing to shift to a more resource-conscious mindset- streamlining every step of the production and planning process to minimize wastage and achieving the same results by switching to creative and oftentimes cheaper planet-friendly alternatives.

And then we got serious. We decided to not only to do green, we wanted to be green. We decided to go beyond organizing green events to greening every single event we organise- using the same eco-conscious production values we’ve learnt and applying them across the board. We set out to prove that we can still deliver the same results to our clients, while meaningfully decreasing their carbon footprint at NO extra cost.

And we’re delighted to say… we did it!

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