Positively Reforesting in Sri Lanka

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As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, Positive is reforesting two acres of land near Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka.

Instead of throwing just another party, we wanted to do something different to celebrate and give thanks for a decade of positive events. We couldn’t think of a better way than completing the circle by acknowledging and honouring the ultimate source of all economic prosperity – the Earth.

Riding on this year’s Earth Hour “I Will If You Will” campaign by World Wide Fund for Nature, we issued our very own challenge via Facebook: If we got 500 likes in support of turning up air-con temperatures by just 1 degree, we will plant 500 tree saplings over two acres of land near Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka that had been ravaged by slash and burn farming. These 500 trees will help bind over 500,000 tonnes of carbon from the environment over their lifetime.

We had visited this area in early 2012 at the invitation of the good people from Sewalanka Foundation, a non-profit NGO dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Sri Lankan communities. Among a few other places, they brought us to visit the Islander Centre in Anuradhapura- a neutral space for youth and community leaders to come together in a country torn apart by civil war and ethnic divisions. It was here that we were shown large parcels of laid waste by erosion and soil degradation from slash and burn farming techniques.

And so it was an easy and unanimous decision for us to be able to contribute not only to rehabilitation and regeneration of the land but also in giving work to the village community involved in the reforestation. We can’t wait to see the pictures. Better still, we can’t wait to one day visit a greener Wilpattu.

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