PINK DOT 2013 – Supporting the Freedom to Love


For the third year running, Positive is proud to be the event management partner for Pink Dot 2013 which saw a record breaking number of over 21,000 in attendance.

Singapore’s biggest community-supported LGBT movement and ground-up political demonstration for the repeal of the archaic Clause 377a that criminalises homosexual relations between consenting adults, this year’s campaign message was the freedom to love in a Singapore that all can call home, regardless of sexuality and gender identity.

First started in 2009 with 2,500 people turning upat the Speaker’s Corner in Hong Lim Park through sheer word-of-mouth, Pink Dot has evolved into a full-fledged sustained campaign with over 15,000 in attendance at last year’s first night Dot event. This phenomenal growth draws strength not only from the LGBT community but also from their straight friends and family members who stand united in calling for a more tolerant society that embraces and celebrates diversity and equality.

As Ivan Heng, prominent Singapore theatre director and one of Pink Dot’s ambassadors this year, pointed out during a special preview, Pink Dot not just about gay rights, it is about human rights. It is about the forging of a society that respects the innate equality and freedom of every individual to be who they are and to love whomever they choose regardless of gender or sexuality. Transcending the partisan polarities of right and wrong, more importantly it is about how Singapore can progress as one people, one country, one nation without excluding or leaving anyone behind.

With the support and recognition of global brands Google, Barclays, JP Morgan and CooperVision enhancing its momentum and visibility, Pink Dot 2013 shone bigger and brighter than ever with the night ending on a sweet note, brought Home with a surprise finale performance by local singer songwriter Dick Lee.

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