EARTH HOUR 2013 – An Even Greener Green Event


Raising the bar yet again for environmental sustainability, Earth Hour 2013 was an even greener green event.

From its beginnings in Australia in 2006, Earth Hour has grown into a truly global phenomenon with supporters numbering in the hundreds of millions across 135 countries- from children to CEOs, politicians to corporations- all united in showing that they have the power to the change the world we live in. With the Earth Hour Global headquarters moved to Singapore in 2012, the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore set its sights higher on a creating an even more inspiring Earth Hour this year on 28 March at The Platform at Marina Bay.

For the first time, Pavegen kinetic dance pads were specially brought in to not only drive the green message home via a fun an experiential activity for participants but also to provide energy for the Earth Hour event itself. “Dance To Power Earth Hour” saw participants queuing up as early as 4.30pm for a chance to show their moves on the Pavegen system which then converted the kinetic energy and stored it in batteries. This energy generated by about 2,000 participants later powered the outdoor screening of The Lorax movie.

Possibly the greenest event ever organized in Singapore, the event was also powered by generators using bio-diesel from Alpha BioFuels that was made from recycled cooking oil. This accounted for a reduction of the event carbon footprint by 2,064.48kgs of net fossil fuel CO2 emissions. Further reductions were also achieved by carbon offsetting recommendations based on attendee transport surveys conducted by Olive Ventures.

In so many ways, organizing Earth Hour Singapore 2013 was the crowning achievement among all the environmental events Positive has previously managed. We are proud to have lent our experience in sustainable events management in making this event an even greener green event.

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