• Harris Zaidi / Ananda Avalokita

    After graduating with Honours in Theatre Studies from NUS in 1997, Harris first stepped into the wonderful world of productions as the Production Manager at Singapore Repertory Theatre where he worked with such acclaimed theatre luminaries as directors Ivan Heng and Dick Lee and award-winning Broadway and West End designers Howard Harrison and Francis O’Connor.

    Following a liberating 2 year freelancing stint, he was offered the position of Assistant Director of National Events for the Singapore Sports Council where he put the finishing touches on such high-profile projects as the General Assembly of International Sports Federations and the IOC Conferment of the Olympic Gold Award to then PM Goh Chok Tong.

    Harris went on to found Positive in 2003 where under his all-rounded direction, the company quickly broke away from the herd and made a name for producing quality corporate events with an experiential edge. After much soul-searching at one of Life’s existential crossroads, Harris decided to integrate his evolving spirituality into his work – truly putting his heart in the business and transforming it into an inspiring source of positive events in the world. He now goes by the name of Ananda.

  • Partheban Gopala Krishnan

    The phrase ‘minion to manager’ fully encapsulates Parthe’s career in events management so far. Starting as a production intern in Positive at the tender age of 20, Parthe came back for more as a full-time events executive after National Service. He quickly become an integral part of the team proving his worth with his hands-on approach and technical expertise. Soon enough , he was already deftly executing his own portfolio of events of varying scale and complexity – from Building and Construction Authority’s Opening of World Workplace Asia Conference 2012, Nanyang Technological University’s Campus Master Plan Groundbreaking Ceremony and most recently, WWF for Nature’s Global Earth Hour 2013.

    After hours, when not in class for his Bachelor of Communication degree from RMIT University, he enjoys a little photography and doubles up as Marvin’s trusty sidekick in pranking unsuspecting victims.

  • Marvin C Calubaquib

    With over 7 years of experience as a multimedia designer, this Dean’s List graduate of De La Salle College of St. Benilde quickly found his niche in the world of digital media as an assistant photographer and editor for Jun Barrameda Studios. After working for Honda Cars Makati as a graphic and video artist and then as Graphic User Interface (GUI) Designing for RedCore Solutions, Marvin sought fortune and fame in sunny Singapore delving into graphics and fabrication for RichArt Singapore, where he was part of the team that colourfully lights up our streets at Christmas, Deepavali and all the festive holidays.

    He’s like a Swiss Army Knife and an iPhone put together. From motion graphics, 3D animation, plumbing, office IT trouble-shooter- he is the Jack of all trades and a master of fun… often at the expense of unsuspecting victims walking into one of his pranks.

  • Michelle Chua

    Business development, lead generation, sales, client servicing AND operations, Michelle is such a versatile multi-tasker, she even enjoys lunch at her workstation while alternately replying emails and answering phone calls. With over 6 years of event experience under her belt, Michelle has (single-handedly most of the time) managed networking cocktails, fashion and jewelry shows and technology conferences. Naturally, she has now decided to concurrently advance her career and personal growth by setting her sights and heart on CSR and environmental events.

    Naturally, Michelle still somehow manages to find the time to pursue her degree in Communications AND sing jazz and acoustic gigs with her band at weddings and functions.

  • Raquel Talosig

    Foodie, movie addict, shower singer, style critic- this Mass Communications Major and accessory junkie communicates her style with statement necklaces and rings that make you go “ooh”. Raquel started as a radio broadcaster in the Philippines and after establishing a loyal following of regular listeners and advertisers, she went on to have a successful career for the next 14 years in Sales and Marketing spanning business development, media analysis, market intelligence and sales training. And she absolutely sizzles and dazzles with pie charts and graphs. If its data you want, then she’s your girl.

    She loves God, loves people and hopes to visit many nations. One day, she will be a dancer.

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