We make no qualms about it. We want to change the world, one positive event at a time.

Positive was founded in 2003 with scarce more than a second-hand fax machine and a desktop PC in a shared shop-house attic space with no windows. Barely months in existence, our fledgling company was very nearly wiped out by the SARS virus epidemic that hit Singapore with a wave of panic that sent clients hiding and audiences literally avoiding public gatherings like the plague.

With a handful of clients who took a chance on us and trusted suppliers who became our friends along the way, we emerged from this baptism by fire with a resilience and never-say-die attitude that has helped us build a company that has to date managed headline events with audiences numbering in the thousands and counts government agencies, MNCs and global NGOs amongst its repeat clients.

10 years down the road and we’re still in a shop-house attic office but with a much higher ceiling and a great view from the bay windows. We’ve come full circle- now reaching higher, seeing further.

Onwards and upwards.

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